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Reflection 4th August 2020
A reflection based on Genesis 37: 1 - 28
Duration: 13,40

Relection Thursday 30th July
This reflection is based on:Genesis 32: 22 – 31
Duration: 10.27

Rev Eleanor reflects on Paul's experience of a storm from Acts 27
Pause for Reflection 28th July 2020
Duration: 10.19

Sunday Worship 26th July
Staffordshire Moorlands Methodist Circuit
Duration: 37.30

Point for Reflection 23 July A Time for Everything
Rev Eleanor reflects on Ecclesiastes Chapter 3
Duration: 11.19

Point for Reflection 21 July
with Rev Julie Hassall
Duration: 12.10

Sunday Worship 19th July 2020
Staffordshire Moorlands Methodist Circuit
Duration: 37.30

Point for Reflection 14th July 2020 Rev Richard Pope
Based on Psalm 139: 1-12, 23-24
Duration: 10.15

Worship for Sunday 12 July
We join with friends across the Staffordshire Moorlands as we worship God.
Duration: 32.18

9th July Rev Eleanor reflects on slavery
Point for Reflection
Duration: 12.19

Point for Reflection 7th July
Rev Julie Herbert reflects on Matthew 18
Duration: 11.53

Point for Reflection 2nd July
A reflection based on: Canticle: Song of Solomon 2: 8 – 13
Duration: 9.21

Morning Worship 28 June
Circuit Service
Duration: 34.20

Point for Reflection 25th June
This reflection is based on Psalm 13. Rev Richard Pope.
Duration: 10.11

Making Choices 23rd June
Rev Eleanor reflects on making choices
Duration: 8.43

Can You Find God in the Ordinary?
Point for Reflection 18th June
Duration: 9.35

Point for Reflection 16th June
Rev Julie Hassall - Dr Lynne Bradbury
Duration: 12.06

Love Feast Morning Worship
14 June 2020
Duration: 50.35

Point for Reflection 11 June
Rev Julie Hassall
Duration: 9.28

Point for Reflection 9th June 2020
A reflection based on Genesis 18: 1 – 15 (21: 1 – 7)
Duration: 11.12

Point for Reflection 7th June
Reading from Fire and Bread - Wild Goose Publications
Duration: 13.09

June 4th
Point for Reflection
Duration: 9.31

Rev Eleanor reflects on sacred spaces
Point for Reflection 2nd June
Duration: 11.16

A Celebration For Pentecost - 31 May 2020
A Celebration For Pentecost - 31 May 2020
Duration: 37.39

Pentecost Family Service
Family Worker Jonny Newbould Staff Moorlands Methodist Circuit Live Worship: Best Friend (Hillsong), Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here (Jesus Culture) Kids Video - Saddleback Kids Craft Video Music -
Duration: 33.38

Point for Reflection 28 May 2020
A reflection written by Gill Meredith. Permission has been obtained to quote from 'Lectionary Reflections' by Jane Williams published by SPCK, 36 Causton Street, London, SW1P 4ST
Duration: 12.52

Point for Reflection 26th May
Rev Julie Hassall
Duration: 11.06

Rev Eleanor Smith Reflects On Aldersgate Sunday
Point for Reflection 24th May
Duration: 11.58

Point for Reflection May 21st 2020
with Rev Julie Hassall
Duration: 11.50